दरभंगा लेल विमान सेवा शुरू करत स्काई फिशर

esamaad maithili newspaper

पटना। एकटा सपना जे कई बेर पूरा हेबाक क्रम मे टूटैत रहल अछि। एक बेर फेर ओकर पूरा हेबाक उम्मीद जगल अछि। स्काई फशिर एयरवेज घोषणा केलक अछि जे ओ एक मई स भागलपुर कए वायुसेवा स जोडलाक बाद दरभंगा आ रांची स सेहो अपन सेवा शुरू करत। ज्ञात हुए जे पिछला पांच साल स स्प्रीट एयरवेज दरभंगा स वायुसेवा शुरू करबाक सपना देखा रहल अछि, मुदा आइ धरि ओ शुरू नहि क सकल। पूर्णिया स सेवा शुरू भेलाक बाद उम्मीद जगल छल जे दोसर शहर दरभंगा होएत मुदा स्प्रीट एयर दरभंगा कए बिसरि गेल। उत्तर-पश्चिम बिहार कए हवाई सेवा स जोडबा लेल दरभंगा स विमान सेवा शुरू करब आवश्यक अछि, एहन मे स्काई फशिर एयरवेज घोषणा स्वागतयोग्य अछि। ओना इ सेवा कहिया धरि शुरू होएत तेकर संबंध में कंपनी बस एतबा कहलक अछि जे बहुत जल्द। स्काई फशिर क प्रबंध निदेशक ऋषिकेष कहला अछि जे एहि सेवा कए रांची आ दरभंगा लेल बहुत जल्द शुरू कैल जाएत। स्काई फशिर क आधिकारिक सलाहकार आ सेंटर फॉर एविएशन पॉलिसी सेफ्टी एण्ड रसिरे्च क कार्यकारी निदेशक अतुल सिंह कहला जे विमान क उड़ान भरबाक समय एखन तय नहि भेल अछि। इ नॉन शिडयूल फ्लाइट होएत। एक सेक्टर क बीच क किराया 2500 स 3500 टकाक बीच होएत।
कंपनी क अपन चार्टर्ड विमान पटना स भागलपुर, गया आ वाराणसी सेक्टर क बीच उड़ान भरबा लेल तैयार रखने अछि, जखनकि दोसर विमान पटना या वाराणसी एयरपोर्ट पर स्टैंडबाई रहत। स्टैंडबाई विमान मे एयर एम्बुलेंस आ कारगो समेत अन्य सुविधा देल जाएत। यात्री सेवा आ कार्गो सेवा मई क प्रथम सप्ताह स रोजाना शुरू भ जाएत।
पटना स भागलपुर, गया, वाराणसी क बीच शुरू भ रहल एहि सेवा लेल विमान 12 सीटर सेस्ना ग्रैंड 208 बी अछि। एखन एकर रोजाना दस घंटा क फ्लाई होएत। पटना स चार्टर्ड विमान पहिने भागलपुर लेल उड़ान भरत फेर पटना घुडत। ओकर बाद पटना स गया होइत वाराणसी जाएत। फेर इ विमान वाराणसी स गया आउत आ गया स वाराणी चल जाएत। सांझखन इ वाराणसी स सीधा पटना पहुंचत। कंपनी क पदाधिकारी दावा केलथि अछि जे एहि सेक्टर लेल डीजीसीए स हिनका सब कए अनुमति भेट चुकल अछि।
ओ कहला जे स्टैंडबाई चार्टर्ड मे एयर एम्बुलेंस, कारगो समेत अन्य सुविधा उलपब्ध रहत।
किराया एक नजरि मे :
पटना स भागलपुर- 2500 टका
पटना स गया- 2500
पटना स वाराणसी- 2500
गया स वाराणसी – 3500

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  1. mithila ke log ke sapna ahi je direct flite dilhi,mumbai s patna aab ke chahi kiyaki aai ke dor mai maithil madmi india t chhoru bideso mai bahut gote rahati chhati lekin bihar sarkar aur central goverment ke aai bisay par kono yojana nai dekh rahal chhi oi mai hamar sabhah janpratinidhi ke seho kono lenadena nai bujhaiya aai ke dor mai agar mithila ke vikash tahane het jahan yatayat ke sahi bebastha hait?

  2. No compromise with basic principles for power: Nitish is talking BS again!

    I was reading this article in Bihar Times and thought of commenting on this cleaver fox like politician of Bihar, in our community newspaper. I hope Mithilabasi knows that this CM of Magadh has no ideology and would vote him down in next parliamentary and hopefully State elections on the ground of his ante Mithila state stand.

    First , BJP meets constitutional definition of secularism and that is why it is a nation’s one of the largest political party, unlike pocket party of Nitish Kumar’s Janata Dal, which is just one man’s show, just like that of Laloo and Vilat, two of his good old friends.

    Two, secularism means equal opportunities and equal rule for all. Let us remind , Mr. Kumar that he had blindly followed Mr. Laloo Prasad in two terms in 90’s, when people of upper caste were denied not only equal opportunity in Bihar but also in whole nation. A country cannot progress if you suppress merit like Nitish and Laloo did in 90’s and thereafter. I challenge Nitish to undo those laws first, before talking about secularism.

    Three, Why is he not snapping ties with BJP now? Did not he know, in last Bihar’s Assembly election that Mr. Modi is a rising Sun in BJP? Then, why did he join hands with BJP? Nothing has changed in last 4-5 years. Gujrat incident happened in 2002, why to beat that dead horse over and over again. Has he forgotten, how may upper caste women were raped when he was the right hand man of Laloo during Laloo’s goonda raj?

    If he has guts, he should snap ties with BJP now. His alliance is with the BJP, a political party; not with the PM candidates? Why is he waiting to see who would be the PM candidate? Will BJP become more secular if Mrs. Sushma Swaraj is declared a PM candidate or less secular if Mr. Modi becomes the party candidate! What a nonsense!

    Fourth, Who will be his dance partner, if he snap ties with BJP? Congress, which believes in dynastic rule and has only one objective to ensure Rahul plays a bigger role(Bollywood or Hollywood) or Moulayam Singh, who has already an alignment with Congress.

    Mithilabasi wants a separate Mithila state. Nitish, Laloo and Congress are against Mithila state, so we should vote againt them for this reason, not because who is more or less secular. I urge my fellow Maithil Muslims to think about it.

    Hindu- Muslims relation had remained strained for the last thousand years. It is time to bring them together. Country is suffering. We had partition in 1947 where millions suffered on both sides, because of Nehru and Jinnah. We are still not a united country. Our social and religious leaders , including all of us, have to reshape that Hindu-Muslim relationship. Inter- marriage and inter-dining should be debated and be acceptable in a framework by both sides, to select right course of integration.

    • Amarji,
      Very beautifully structured and written. I have had my doubts about his clarity of thinking. He seems to be confused about the party and person. He knows Modi is a heavy weight and can not tolerate it. Coming from the Laloo land does not speak very well about politics and diplomacy. His famous fight with Ram Vilas opened the way for Laloo and Nitish became a laughing stock. His shine has overwhelmed him because public was tired of Laloo, his family, his goons and an utter lack of Laloo’s suicidal plan for the state. When Gujrat Danga took place, Nitish was the Railway Minister.
      Just because an intercaste marriage is a strong assimilating force, Moslems view it as a conversion. The results can not be a peace-conducing step. Their superiority complex of having ruled India as an intruder will not vanish nor would the deep fear of Moslem cruelty in Hindu minds. Assimilation is a good political talk but at best an effort to extract oil from sand. There are some great Moslems in our country and they have developed their ideology to a peaceful co-existence just the same as our ex-chiefminister Mr. Mishra. They all play their games.Do not foget the tonality of Mr Khurshid’s threat to Kejriwal. They know what they want. We are paying for Nehru.s ideology today and will continue to do so. Pakistan made up its mind and sent our Hindu stoack back to us. We decided to keep the seeds intact to demand another Pakistan when a wek leadership like Maun Mohan and Mulla Moulayam will occupy the apex post in future. They have an innate Samskar of cruelty and will inflict a million wounds without any confusion given an opportunity. Sarbjit was not a criminal and a recorded case of mistaken identity. A hindu will never respond to an un-provoking soul like the Pakis did. It is just a situation of two breeds made of far apart DNAs that came from two different stars in the heaven. They openly say that Allah must not be equated to God. We can trust them but they are not allowed to. So, will giving and getting daughters fix it tthrough marriages? Even education hoped as a universal tool for understanding has failed. Since our politicians know how to scratch each other’s back, that will remain the sole Forum of Hindu Moslem Unity. Trains loaded with Hindus will continue to burn for a defunct Masjid even if that means a reactive attack on a far greater Moslem populace. It is sad. Bukhari declared as a religious leader that he was ready to take up a fight at any time. They have no qualms about doing what their ancestors did to Shri Kashi Vishwanath or Somnath. No Moslem has come forward to apologige for those heinous acts of their powerful past. What does it say or mean? They live in India and sympathise with Pak. How many Moslems worth their grain of salt have complained against Sarbjit’s murder? Even such small deeds could have earned them some accolades. They are VOTES and willcontinue to earn living by fixing punctured tires at the street corner. Hindus have done their share, are showing their compassion and are doing what Hindus do. You have written amply about it.

      Mani K Thakur

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